Patricia Sereno

Professional Astrologer, Independent Author & Celtic Harpist

Illuminating Astrology, Spirituality & Creativity

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

Golda Meir

My Story

I am a professional astrologer, independent author, and Celtic harpist.  My rich and diverse life experiences have taken me to live on five continents, granting me a unique perspective on cultures and languages. My curiosity led me to study Jungian psychology, spirituality and esoteric philosophies to help me understand what motivated people and what drove them to seek fulfilment in themselves and their lives.
Astrology helped me answer some of those questions.  And In 1988 I earned my Intermediate Certification with Honours from the esteemed Faculty of Astrological Studies in England.

My creative endeavours include the Mystic Mandala series of Adult Colouring Books and 30-day Colouring Journals, the children’s Flint the Dragon trilogy, and my evocative poetry book Beyond Chrysalis, which is coming out with its 25th-anniversary edition in October 2023.

With three solo Celtic Harp CDs, my healing  melodies calm the mind, relax the body and soothe the soul.

My accomplishments resonate with my belief in supporting you through astrology, spirituality, and creativity, guiding you to embrace your potential and consciously shape yourlife path.

My Values & Beliefs

Cultural Exploration and Diversity

My life experiences of living on five continents and experience with speaking four languages highlight my deep appreciation for cultural diversity. This value underscores my curiosity and respect for different cultures, fostering cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Spiritual Growth and Insight

My dedication to studying psychology, spirituality and esoteric philosophies demonstrates my commitment to personal growth and self-discovery. This value reflects my ongoing quest for deeper insights into the mysteries of life and my desire to share these insights with others through my diverse mediums.

Empowerment and Creativity

My belief in supporting others through astrology, spirituality, and creativity underscores my commitment to empowering individuals to fulfill their potential and make conscious life choices. This value reflects my passion for helping others tap into their creative expressions and guiding them on their unique paths of self-discovery and fulfillment.
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Patricia’s life journey is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, each representing a remarkable facet of her talents and passions. Born with an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for exploration, Patricia spent many years abroad, living in different countries in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Absorbing these different cultures’ colours, sounds, and textures would inspire her creative endeavours.

Her linguistic prowess reflected her dedication to cross-cultural understanding; Patricia was fluent in four languages. But her quest for knowledge went beyond linguistics. As a student of spirituality and esoteric philosophies, she delved into the mysteries of the universe, seeking to uncover the interconnectedness that binds all life.

In 1988, Patricia’s deep-rooted interest in astrology culminated in her certification by the esteemed Faculty of Astrological Studies in England. This achievement marked the beginning of her professional journey as an astrologer.

Although Patricia has maintained a client focus practice over the years, she has also published astrology horoscope columns, lectured at astrology conferences and taught students.  She also co-hosted “Star Power” radio show for 650 CISL Vancouver with Casey White.

Patricia’s insights and guidance have helped individuals navigate life’s complexities, offering them a cosmic perspective on their unique paths.

Beyond astrology, Patricia’s creative spirit found expression in various forms. She has authored a series of Mystic Mandala Adult Colouring Books that intertwine intricate designs with spiritual symbolism, providing a meditative experience for those seeking a deeper connection to their inner selves. Her Mystic Mandala 30-Day Journals offer a more profound and structured yet flexible framework for self-reflection and growth.
Patricia’s artistic range extends to literature, where she has penned the enchanting Flint the Dragon children’s books that have ignited young imaginations. Her evocative poetry in Beyond Chrysalis – A Poet’s Journey Through Metamorphosis stirs emotions and kindles introspection. The 25th Anniversary Edition will be released in October 2023.

Her talent further resonates in her musical compositions, with three CDs of solo Celtic harp melodies carrying the listener on a journey of reflection and serenity.
At the heart of Patricia’s endeavours lay her unwavering belief in the power of astrology, spirituality, and creativity to empower others. She is dedicated to guiding individuals toward recognizing their potential, making conscious choices, and embracing their life paths with intention.
Patricia’s work is not just a profession but a calling, an avenue through which she channels her profound desire to uplift and support those around her.

In summary, Patricia embodies the richness of a multi-talented individual who has traversed continents, languages, and artistic mediums. Her journey as a professional astrologer, independent author, and Celtic harpist reflects her commitment to nurturing others’ growth through astrology, spirituality, and creativity.

Patricia’s legacy lies in her accomplishments and the countless lives she has touched and inspired along the way.

My Approach

Step into a realm where your cultural experiences and diverse background are acknowledged and celebrated. My global odyssey has gifted me with a unique lens through which I view the world. As your guide, I will weave your unique cultural tapestry into the fabric of your journey, fostering cross-cultural connections and insights that enhance your personal growth.

Together we can embark on a path of spiritual exploration and discovery  to uncover the hidden layers of your potential.  Let us illuminate your path and align your uniqueness  with your deepest aspirations.