Astrology for Parents


The Perfect Instruction Manual

Astrology for Parents is the perfect guide to understanding your child and raising them to be everything they can be.

As a parent, have you ever wondered if there was an instruction manual for your new baby?

Have you ever wanted to know what your baby’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities might be?

Have you ever wished you knew how to teach or encourage your child?

So many sensitive children are being born now and need support to navigate this complex world.

Astrology can provide the best instruction manual that a parent can use.

Parents can know right from the start what qualities their babies are born with and what they need to develop into happy and fulfilled individuals.

As the acorn can evolve into an oak tree, your baby has all the ingredients needed to become unique.

It is exciting to realize that when your baby is encouraged to fulfill their potential, they are much more likely to confidently share their gifts and encourage others to do the same. This helps to make a better world!

When you hold your baby in your arms the first time, and you think of all the things you can say and do to influence him, it’s a tremendous responsibility. What you do with him can influence not only him, but everyone he meets and not for a day or a month or a year but for time and eternity.

Rose Kennedy

The Baby’s Natal Chart

Calculated from the birth date, birth time, and birthplace, your baby’s Natal Chart is the instruction manual you have been looking for.

The dynamics of your baby’s personality, talents, abilities, character strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and unique gifts are all reflected in their Chart.

With this information, you can understand your baby today and for many years.
This knowledge will allow you to confidently guide your baby in the right direction for them, making your parenting years more manageable and less stressful.

Astrology for Parents Highlight Stages of Growth

Astrology can also help determine your baby’s needs for the next growth cycle.

The planets are constantly moving and in continuous relationships with each other as they orbit the Earth.

Each planet has a cycle and represents a specific desire or need.

As your baby grows, the cycles of the planets will mark the different stages of your baby’s growth astrologically.

The qualities of the planet involved will explain the “what” kind of stage your baby is going through.

For example, Mars completes its 1st cycle around the Earth in just under two years—commonly known in parenthood as the “Terrible Twos!”

As Mars represents the power of desire, this is when your baby more clearly knows what they want and is willing to go after it.

This is also when they learn what “No” means and can outwardly rebel against parental wishes, throw things, and have temper tantrums.

Because Mars is all about desire, this is when your baby explores what they want and don’t want in their world.

How great would it be if parents knew about these stages from the planetary point of view, so they would understand what energies influence every step of their baby’s growth?

Modern Parenting

Never before have parents been so eager to ensure their babies grow up to be who they are. Unlike in the past, when babies needed to be what their parents wanted—sometimes, their survival depended on it! This has been the way of parenting for thousands of years.

Today, people are more aware, and because most of our physical needs are met, we can spend time expanding our understanding rather than just trying to survive.

Modern parents want to feed, clothe, and shelter their children AND support them in their natural gifts and talents.

For example, parents now support their artistic children in their creative expression rather than suppressing or ignoring it.

When you look at the people around us, the scientist, teachers, mechanics, healers, lawyers, and salespeople – they all began as babies—but what kind of support did they receive?

Do they love what they do because it is natural for them? Or is it a struggle for them to express themselves in the world?

Did their parents identify their innate abilities early on and encourage them in the direction they knew suited them? Or did they have to struggle to express themselves?

Think of how wonderful it would be if babies’ natural talents, gifts, and abilities were nurtured from birth to school, to higher education, and then by our society.

What an excellent way to have a happier life for you and your baby as you prepare them for a full expression of who they will become.

As a parent, how proud would you be watching your baby excel in what they are naturally good at?

What if you knew what kind of support or encouragement your baby needs?

What if you knew how to deal with their challenges in a positive way?

What if you knew when your child was going through a phase and what planetary energy it was associated with?

Astrology for Parents is the Future

This is the way of the future.

Astrology can help you help your baby bloom and grow in a manner tailored to their individual needs and desires.

As a result, you can create better relationships with your babies through astrology.

Astrology will help you build a foundation for solid relationships from a place of genuine understanding.

Astrology can contribute to more content babies, less stressful parents, and happier families!

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