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Keeping Your Soul Purpose in Mind

Astrology For Parents

Astrology is an ancient tool for conscious parenting. Better understand your child’s needs, desires, drives and challenges through their cosmic blueprint. This can support confidence for you and your child.

Popular Astrology Charts

Together, we can explore your life themes, challenges, gifts and potential, help you navigate changes and transitions and support you in making conscious decisions for a more fulfilling life.

Specialty Astrology Charts

A Relatiohship Chart promotes conscious relationships, and the Millenieum Chart combines the Natal Chart, Progressed Chart and Transit Chart for  important decisions and life changes.

Astrology for Business

Astrology can help you strategically navigate business challenges and amplify your success. Learn about the unique astrological patterns affecting your business dynamics. Know when to launch a product, sign a deal, or make that investment.

Elevate Your Life with an Exclusive 60-Minute Astrological Deep Dive!

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Unlock Your Cosmic Blueprint for a Life of Power, Purpose, and Prosperity 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through astrology?

Navigating life’s choices and challenges requires true self-responsibility. But you don’t have to walk this path alone. Let me be your guide by interpreting the treasure trove of insights hidden in your astrological chart.

Together, We Will Build a Rock-Solid Foundation for YOUR Future:

  • Uncover Character Insights: Illuminate the strengths and weaknesses that propel you forward or hold you back.
  • Soul-Personality Connection: Discover how your soul elegantly expresses itself through your unique personality.
  • Timely Decision-Making: Know the optimal times to make those crucial life decisions—career moves, relationships, investments, and more.

Your chart isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a roadmap to self-discovery and empowerment. Tap into new levels of personal awareness that can ripple through every area of your life — from relationships and career to finances.

Turn Uncertainty into Confidence, Questions into Answers, and Challenges into Triumphs! 

What Happens in a Session?

I offer you an enlightening experience that is


Gain in-depth insights tailored to your unique astrological makeup.

Private & Confidential

Your secrets are safe within the sacred space we create.


Your questions, concerns, and aspirations take center stage.

Post-Session Bonuses Just For You!

A Custom PDF of Your Astrology Chart

A comprehensive map of your celestial DNA for you to keep and reflect upon.

MP3 Recording of Your Session

Revisit our conversation anytime you need guidance or a confidence boost.

Invoice for Your Records

Transparency and professionalism are cornerstones of my practice.

Your journey to self-mastery begins in a confidential, personalized setting and continues long after, thanks to these invaluable resources.

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Astrology for Parents

Ready Made Instruction Manual

Have you ever wished there was an Instruction Manual for your baby? 

Have you ever wondered what your baby’s destiny might be? 

Have you ever been curious as to what your baby’s character traits were right from the day they were born?  

Here’s the Good News!

Through Astrology, you can support your child to grow and bloom in who they are. 

Through an interpretation of their Natal Chart, you have a tool that helps you better understand your baby, tells you how to best communicate with them and learn what will address their individual needs.

 We are now living in a critical time in human history.  For the first time ever, parents are more interested in their children being who they are rather than being who parents want them or need them to be.  Astrology is one of the best tools available to help you do that!

How does it work?

Through the symbolic language of Astrology, the Natal Chart describes your child’s character, their individual needs, desires and drives as well as revealing their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Having your child’s Natal Chart read by me will give them a good start in life and give you an excellent tool that continues to help you support your child as they grow towards fulfilling their potential and be the best they can be!

Baby Natal Chart

The information from your baby’s Birth Chart is relevant at the time of your session and for many years to come. It provides a guide to your baby’s basic characteristics, describes what their individual needs and wants are, gives you insight as to what your baby’s challenges are, as well as those natural gifts, talents and abilities that they were born with.  With access to this information, you have a practical and useful tool for modern day parenting.

Mother and Baby Relationship Chart

The bond between mother and baby is unique to every relationship and promotes emotional security for your baby.  Using the birth chart of the mother and your baby, the dynamics of their relationship will be explored.  This can support a better understanding of your baby’s needs and the development of conscious relationship between you.

Father and Baby Relationship Chart

The bond between father and baby is also unique to every relationship.  The father can foster confidence and self-esteem for your baby.  Using the birth chart of the father and your baby, the dynamics of your relationship will be explored and promote conscious relationship between you.

Sibling and Baby Relationship Chart

Introducing a new baby into the family represents change. The relationships between siblings is an important one and all siblings interact differently with each other.  Using the birth chart of your baby and their sibling, the points of connection will be explained and how this can improve sibling compatibility will be explained.

The Astrology chart that Patricia did for us has been extremely helpful and I would encourage every Mom and Grandma to have one done…my only regret is that I wish I knew Patricia when my daughter was growing up, I would have had much more knowledge to understand her if I had her astrology reading to refer to, through the years (especially those teenage years!).

Founder, President, and Chief Creative Coach

Specialty Astrology Charts

Dive deeper into your astrological journey and discover the personalized insights that standard horoscopes often miss. These specialty charts provide a deeper analysis that will empower you in your relationships and to make choices that are best for you at this time.

Relationship Charts

Have you ever wondered when you meet someone why you are immediately drawn to them? Or at other times why you find yourself in conflict with perfect strangers or loved ones? Or what the purpose of your relationship with someone might be?

The following Relationship Charts are created to support you in having a healthy relationship based on understanding and acceptance.

Synastry Chart

Synastry explores the dynamics between business partners, family members or intimate partners. Through the interpretation of two Natal Charts belonging to the individuals involved, Synastry provides the key to conscious relationships and supports you in understanding not only your own needs, desires and drives but also those of your partner.

Composite Chart

This chart is based on the combination of two or more Natal Charts belonging to individuals in relationship. When people interact they create a dynamic where a separate entity is formed, which is the relationship itself. The Composite Chart describes the themes, desires and drives specific to the relationship. The Composite Chart is similar to the natal Chart and can be used as a basis for transits, progressions and solar returns which support consciousness between individuals through events and stages in the evolution of their relationship.

Millennium Chart

Created in 2000 to celebrate the beginning of the 21st Century, the Millennium Chart is a triple wheel, combining your Natal Chart, Progressed Chart and Transit Chart.

Together, we explore your life path, what the current external influences are and what inner desires, drives and needs are inspiring positive changes.

Thank you for another great reading – very encouraging for us.

Professional Couple

Patricia is very accurate in her assessments of a situation. She has provided me with encouragement and useful tools to assist me in making positive choices for change. She is a very talented and inspiring woman.

Independent Businesswoman

Astrology for Business

Enjoy tailored sessions with a global perspective:

To guide your positive growth, I offer monthly astrological business mentoring based on your personal 28 day Lunar Cycle. 

I can tailor our session for your specific business needs, and guide you with practically actionable steps.

As a psycho-spiritual astrologer, I also address your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, ensuring you’re primed to tackle every business challenge.

For this, I create Lunar Return charts for you, plotting the Moon’s current relationship to the planets and its monthly return to the precise Zodiac position it was in on the day you were born.

These sessions can be your road map to personal fulfillment, contentment and prosperity.

I have had the privilege to have worked with Patricia for over 25 years. She has been a tremendous guide over that time. Her ability to understand what I am going through at a given time has been invaluable.

Founder, Coach, Advisor

Dedicated to supporting you, my astrological mentoring program will assist you in knowing:

  • When to launch a product, sign a deal, or make that investment. Through priority planning for the best use of your time and energy.
  • How to use strategic risk management: By understanding the cosmic influences, get advanced warnings of potential challenges, helping you make informed choices and sidestep potential pitfalls.
  • How to Plan for Holistic Business Growth: Beyond just profit and numbers, engage in holistic growth aligned with universal energies ensuring long-term success and a higher purpose alignment.

Book a free 1 on 1 session with me to see if Astrological Business Mentoring is right for you.

Express Business Mentoring

6 Half-hour sessions is perfect for busy individuals. It is a half hour session by phone or Zoom and highlights personal themes, challenges and potential for the next 28 days of your personal Lunar Cycle.

Personal Business Mentoring

6 In-depth one-hour recorded sessions, either by phone or Zoom.  This program outlines the individual themes, challenges and potential for the next 28 days of your personal Lunar Cycle.

Executive Business Mentoring

6 in-depth one-hour recorded sessions.  This program includes a Personal Time Table that highlights 12 to 14 dates specific to your personal 29 day Lunar Cycle with suggested activities that will help you to achieve business efficiency.

“Patricia has been an invaluable astrological-adviser to me on several occasions – she’s been a true gift, and my “go-to” person for many years! Her brilliant knowledge base about astrology, combined with her ability to distill the information into straightforward terms for me to understand has illuminated some of my most challenging life-changes. As a psychologist, I value processing the emotional and psychological layer of my life; Patricia’s work has opened me to understand astrological cycles and patterns that bring an insight unlike any other process I’ve ever tried. Thank You, thank you!! For the work you do Patricia – you’re the best!”


My Approach

My practice is a unique psycho-spiritual astrology — blending archetypes from Jungian psychology with different philosophical and spiritual principles. All this builds on the formal certification with honours that I earned in 1988 from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, England.

This is a holistic approach to explore the personality, understand inherent potential within the individual and help direct one’s life path.  Astrology is a tool that promotes self-awareness, self-acceptance and can assist people in living a more conscious life.

As a qualified astrologer, I help you understand and deal with how the planets influence your life. We apply an ancient scientific art that maps the precise positions of the planets for the time and place you were born.

This is your astrological chart, no one else’s. It leads you to informed choices — about your investments, personal and professional relationships and more.

A historic tool, astrology is well-suited to today’s world. I use it to expand your self-awareness, empower life-fulfilling choices and clarify your soul’s purpose.

I wanted to say thank you again for the awesome session we had on Friday. I feel that everything was more of a verification for me. I think you are a beautiful person with much wisdom and knowledge behind you and it was fabulous to have met you.

Professional Musician

Just a quick note of thanks for a wonderful experience with you the other day! I learned it is sometimes good to have no expectations because the experience can be so much richer. So I thank you again for your time and energy as I know you gave much of yourself to share important information with me.

Business Owner

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