Astrology and Business


Navigating Business Challenges with Guidance from Your Birth Chart

Over the last 35 years of offering astrological insights to some of the most driven entrepreneurs from across the globe, I’ve consistently encountered a recurring theme: a desire to navigate the turbulent waters of business with clarity, foresight, and wisdom.

Today, I want to give you a taste of the profound knowledge that astrology provides.

Your birth chart, often viewed as a mere snapshot of the stars at birth, is, in reality, a cosmic blueprint that can guide you in achieving your goals and help you navigate your business challenges with clarity, consciousness and confidence.

An entrepreneur assumes the risk and is dedicated and committed to the success of whatever he or she undertakes.

Victor Kiam

The Birth Chart: Your Celestial Compass

Think of your birth chart as the Cosmic Map for your soul’s journey. Your birth chart shows your strengths, challenges, karmic debts, and, most importantly, your dharma or life’s purpose.

For a business person or entrepreneur, understanding the placement of your planets can reveal how best to approach business challenges and leverage current and future potential and opportunities.

Although the placement of each of the planets in your birth chart gives clues for your success as a business person, we will briefly explore a few critical planets and their role in your entrepreneurial journey below.

The Sun: Core Identity and Leadership Style

The placement of the Sun determines your identity, ego, and the driving force behind your entrepreneurial spirit. A Sun in Aries, for instance, might signify leadership through pioneering efforts, while a Capricorn Sun might lean toward a more traditional, structured leadership. Each Sun sign has a specific expression in how you conduct business best.

Mercury: Communication and Decision-making

This planet represents how you communicate, think and learn. In business, Mercury governs the exchange and processing of information. If, for instance, Mercury is in Scorpio, you may approach business dealings with depth, intensity, and a desire to uncover hidden truths. Mercury in Gemini, however, will give you the natural gift of being able to talk to anyone about anything in a way they can understand, whatever their background or socio-economic conditions might be.

Mars: Drive, Ambition, and Conflict Resolution

Mars in your chart indicates your entrepreneurial drive, goals and desires. It also sheds light on how you handle conflicts. A Mars in Libra might strive for balance and diplomacy, while a Mars in Taurus could indicate a stubborn and relentless drive to move forward and take the necessary steps to achieve your business goals.

Jupiter: Opportunities and Expansion

Jupiter indicates abundance, good fortune and opportunities. A strong Jupiter placement can mean ease in achieving business success in certain ventures. However, it can also warn against over-expansion or too many options presented simultaneously. Generally known as the “Great Benefit,” Jupiter can sometimes mean too much of a good thing, allowing you to pass along your good fortune to a colleague or business associate.

Saturn: Discipline, Lessons, and Long-Term Success

Saturn is often termed the taskmaster of the zodiac. It represents the power of manifestation and points to areas where we face challenges. Saturn shows us where our most significant and long-lasting growth can occur. For entrepreneurs, Saturn’s position can highlight areas of business that demand extra attention, patience, and perseverance. It is also where you will have the most enduring results from your efforts.

The Midheaven (MC): Career and Public Image

The Midheaven is not a planet but the highest point in your birth chart, which signifies your career, public life, and reputation. The sign of the Midheaven and any planets close to it will show you what ingredients you have to succeed in the public eye. For example, an entrepreneur with their MC in Leo might succeed as a brand ambassador or CEO of a high-profile company.

Using Challenges as Catalysts

Every entrepreneur, no matter how successful, will face challenges. The power of the birth chart lies in its ability to highlight potential obstacles. Rather than deterring you, it can prepare and equip you for your next steps. Understanding your chart can help you navigate those challenges using your natural skills, talents and abilities. A planet’s opposition or square in your chart isn’t a cosmic curse; it’s a call to understand, integrate, and use that energy constructively.

Aligning with Cosmic Rhythms

Contrary to popular opinion, the birth chart is not static. It is an evolving, fluid map that is forever unfolding to reveal more of your potential.

By aligning with its wisdom, entrepreneurs can flow with the cosmic currents rather than rail against them.

As you venture forth in your business journey, let astrology be your guide, reminding you that every challenge has a purpose, every setback a lesson, and every success a stepping stone in your soul’s journey of evolution and fulfillment.

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