Illuminating Astrology, Spirituality & Creativity


Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce to you my new company branding and updated website which aims to illuminate and inspire through exploring Astrology, Spirituality, and Creativity all in one place!

I am thrilled to embark on this enlightening journey with you. is designed to be a sacred space where you can explore astrology, delve into the depths of spirituality, and unleash your boundless creativity.

Astrology, is a guiding light in our quest for self-awareness and personal growth. Through the in-depth analyses or planetary cycles and alignments, I can support you to uncover your hidden potential within.

Spirituality, on the other hand, lies at the heart of our existence, providing nourshment for the soul and purpose to our lives. Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, explore various pritual practices, or understand the interconnectivity of all living beings, I offer a sanctuary to explore, discuss, and embrace the spiritual aspects of life.

Creativity, is a way to celebrate the divine spark within each of us. Here, I encourage you to unleash your imagination, nurture your artistic talents, and explore various forms of creative expression.

Through my Healing Harp Music, Mystic Mandala Adult Colouring Books, and Mystic Mandala 30-Day Colouring Journals, I hope to ignite your passion and support you in your unique creative expression.

By integrating the wisdom of Astrology, the essence of Spirituality, and the magic of Creativity, we can bring about transformative and positive changes in ourselves, our lives and in the world around us.

As we embark on this soulful journey together, I invite you to open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities that await you.

Together, let us navigate your cosmic blueprint with Astrology, embrace the profound truths of Spirituality, and unleash the Creative energy that flows through us all to bring more light, understanding and truth into our world.

May this online haven be a source of inspiration, growth, and connection as we walk hand in hand towards greater enlightenment.

Let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure together!

Blessings upon Blessings,


Your 60 minute session will be
  • informative
  • private and confidential
  • client focussed
    After your session you will receive
    • a PDF of your Astrology Chart
    •  an MP3 recording of your session 
    • an invoice for your records

    My name is Patricia Sereno and I have been supporting clients internationally as a Professional Astrologer since 1986. Trained in London, England and certified by the Faculty of Astrological Studies, I learned from the best.
    My skills and knowledge can give meaning to both your current situation and what may lie ahead. You use that to decide how best to consciously navigate your challenges and prepare for new opportunities.