If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.

Mother Teresa

Fierce Forgiveness

Fierce Forgiveness means freeing yourself from past burdens and creating a bigger space for happiness and more fulfillment in life.




Additional Information

This Mystic Mandala Adult Colouring Journal includes:

    • 31 Fierce Forgiveness Inspirational quotes
    • 12 Fierce Forgiveness Writing Prompts
    • 7 Fierce Forgiveness Affirmations
    • 50 Beautiful, unique Mystic Mandalas
    • 15 Beautiful, unique Full Page Mystic Mandalas
    • 144 Large format 8.5″ x 11″ pages

Each Mystic Mandala is single-sided and printed on premium white paper

Product Details

Fierce Forgiveness - Letting Go With Colour

Embark on a journey of tranquillity and self-discovery with this first in the Mystic Mandalas - Adult Colouring Journal series.

During these challenging times, finding inner peace is more crucial than ever. 'Fierce Forgiveness - Letting Go With Colour' offers you a serene escape through the art of colouring.

Immerse yourself in the calming world of Mystic Mandalas, where each stroke of colour is a step towards a more peaceful mind and a nourished soul.

This is not just an activity; it's a therapeutic path to self-care, allowing you to unwind and detach from daily stresses. As you experience each Mystic Mandala, you're not just colouring; you are releasing stress and giving your busy mind a creative holiday.

This unique colouring experience engages your creative right brain, letting your analytical left brain rest. It is a form of active meditation, a mindful practice embraced for thousands of years for its healing and spiritual benefits.

'Fierce Forgiveness - Letting Go With Colour' is more than a colouring book. Think of it as a journey towards releasing any negativity that holds you back from the good things in life. Forgiveness means freeing yourself from past burdens and creating a bigger space for happiness and more fulfillment in life.

Allow your intuition to select your Mystic Mandala. Each one comes with its own quote, writing prompt, or affirmation. One of these will perfectly reflect your current state of mind or situation.

Choosing your preferred medium, whether it be coloured pencils, watercolour pens, markers, or crayons, you are ready to explore a world of creative freedom and peaceful introspection.

Embark on this inspiring adventure of creative self-expression. 'Fierce Forgiveness - Letting Go With Colour' is your gateway to creating beauty while embracing a journey of forgiveness and letting go with ease and grace.

Enhance Your Creativity

Immerse yourself in tranquillity with my original compositions of healing Celtic harp music.

Moonrise Lullaby is the perfect companion to Fierce Forgiveness – Letting Go With Colour

Let the melodies enhance your focus and creativity as you delve into the art of colouring. The harmonious blend of the sound of the Celtic harp and inspired melodies creates a serene atmosphere for relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. Elevate your colouring experience into a meditative journey with my music, where each note guides you toward inner peace.