Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

Princess Diana

Knowing Kindness

Kindness has the power to transform. Even small acts of Kindness can positively impact others.




Additional Information

This Mystic Mandala Adult Colouring Journal includes:

    • 31 Knowing Kindness Inspirational quotes
    • 12 Knowing Kindness Writing Prompts
    • 7 Knowing Kindness Affirmations
    • 50 Beautiful, unique Mystic Mandalas
    • 15 Beautiful, unique Full Page Mystic Mandalas
    • 144 Large format 8.5″ x 11″ pages

Each Mystic Mandala is single-sided and printed on premium white paper

Product Details

Knowing Kindness - Feeling Compassion With Colour

In this volume of the Mystic Mandalas - Adult Colouring Journal series, you will find a quiet and creative activity to calm your mind and feed your soul.

Knowing Kindness is an interpersonal skill. It encourages us to be friendly, generous, and considerate of others. Some people associate Kindness with weakness, even though being kind often requires strength and courage.

Kindness has the power to transform. Even small acts of Kindness can positively impact others.

Through our actions, we shape our world. Feeling love and compassion in our hearts put Kindness into action. Kindness is one way we can contribute to a better world.

Kindness positively impacts everyone. The more Kindness we give, the more Kindness will return to us. Performing acts of Kindness encourages others to be kind too. Then together, we create a circle of Kindness that can spread throughout our world, to everyone, everywhere.

Colouring in this Knowing Kindness Colouring Journal permits the brain’s analytical left side to switch off, so the creative right side can reflect on what is important to you at this time. Colouring Mystic Mandalas is mindful and active meditation.

For thousands of years, people have used mandalas as a tool for healing and spirituality.

Each Mystic Mandala presents an opportunity to explore your inner thoughts and feelings.

When choosing your Mystic Mandala, allow your intuition to guide you to the perfect quote, writing prompt or affirmation.

Sometimes the Mystic Mandala you end up choosing can reflect your current thoughts or feelings.

When you are ready, take a break from your daily stresses to enter a creative and peaceful Knowing Kindness - Feeling Compassion With Colour.

As you embark on this inspiring journey of creative self-expression, savour your time to create beauty freely and in your own unique way.

Enhance Your Creativity

Immerse yourself in tranquillity with my original compositions of healing Celtic harp music.

Mystic Morning is the perfect companion to Knowing Kindness – Feeling Compassion with Colour.

Let the melodies enhance your focus and creativity as you delve into the art of colouring. The harmonious blend of the sound of the Celtic harp and inspired melodies creates a serene atmosphere for relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. Elevate your colouring experience into a meditative journey with my music, where each note guides you toward inner peace.