True abundance is feeling worthy enough to receive it.

Suze Orman

Flint the Dragon

A woodland community interrupted.

A young dragon must face his greatest fear.

A commitment to doing what is right at any cost.



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When the animal friends of Green Wood discover Flint the Dragon is an orphan, they band together and accept him as part of their community.

Despite their best efforts, Flint struggles with expressing his true nature. What he learns about other dragons is something he never wants to be. As a result, he holds himself back and is afraid of using the natural powers every dragon is born with.

Will Flint become what he thinks he should be? Or will he embrace his dragon qualities and use them wisely?

Join Flint, his animal friends and Zap the Wizard as they unravel the mystery of dragons and Flint’s search for self-identity.

Flint the Dragon is the first novel in a Middle-Grade fantasy series that features important decisions, acts of courage and unexpected results from magical spells.

Author Patricia Sereno adapts her love of dragons, magic and all things fantasy into this entertaining book.