True abundance is feeling worthy enough to receive it.

Suze Orman

30 Days of Prosperity

Embark on a life-changing journey that redefines the very essence of prosperity, encompassing not only financial gain but also a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.



Additional Information

This 30 Day Prosperity Journal includes:

◆ 30 Day Tracker to mark your progress through this journal.

◆ 10 Steps to Colouring With Conscious Intention for a deeply personal and meditative experience through creative expression.

◆ 7 Steps to Prosperity to provide an easy-to-follow structure for attracting prosperity and abundance.

◆ 10 Personal Reflection Pages to deepen your process. Use the writing prompts in sequence, or if a particular one resonates with you, trust that it is the right one for you to work with at that time.

◆ 34 Inspirational Quotes from celebrities, artists and spiritual leaders to motivate you and support you for an abundant, happy and fulfilled life.

◆ 30 Morning Pages to begin your day with a positive start.

◆ 30 Affirmations to repeat anytime during your day, especially during challenging moments.

◆ 30 Evening Pages to reflect on the events of your day.

◆ 30 Mystic Mandalas for you to colour, relax, de-stress and express your creativity and make your journal more beautiful and uniquely yours.

◆ 2 Mandala Reflection Pages to reflect on your colouring process.

◆ 7 Prosperity Insights to highlight things to remember in your process.

◆ 12 Prosperity Rituals can help you release limitations and increase your abundance and prosperity.

The book is 6×9 and 179 pages

Product Details

Pathway to Prosperity: Embrace Abundance with the Mystic Mandala Colouring Journal - 30 Days of Prosperity

Step into a world where prosperity is more than a dream—a vibrant reality. The "Mystic Mandala Coloring Journal - 30 Days of Prosperity" unlocks a life rich in abundance, wealth, and fulfillment. This is more than a journal. Embark on a life-changing journey that redefines the very essence of prosperity, encompassing not only financial gain but also a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.

The journal begins with a strategic roadmap with seven steps to prosperity leading to financial and personal triumphs. You can track your journey with an included progress chart to help celebrate your achievements and stay the course.

Start each day by reading powerful and inspirational quotes and affirmations that ignite your inner passion and set the tone for a day full of positive energy. Daily affirmations assist in developing a mindset of prosperity, affirming your faith in the endless abundance of the universe. Take time for morning and evening writing prompts, a reflective process that reveals your innermost thoughts, feelings, and ambitions, guiding you toward prosperity.

This journal can be an essential part of your toolkit for manifesting your dreams.

Later in the book, you will find 12 dynamic prosperity rituals crafted to realize your desires.

Uncover profound insights into the true nature of abundance, shifting your viewpoint to recognize opportunities in every challenge.

Remember, living in abundance and prosperity is not just a privilege—it's your inherent right. The "Mystic Mandala Colouring Journal - 30 Days of Prosperity" empowers you to carve out a life brimming with meaning, purpose, and joy.

Are you prepared to embark on the journey to the life you've always envisioned?

Begin today. Let the wonder of abundance unfurl around you.

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Evolution of Light is the perfect companion to 30 Days of Prosperity.

Let the melodies enhance your focus and creativity as you delve into the art of colouring. The harmonious blend of the sound of the Celtic harp and inspired melodies creates a serene atmosphere for relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. Elevate your colouring experience into a meditative journey with my music, where each note guides you toward inner peace.