Moonrise Lullaby


Moonrise Lullaby is an intentional album to put babies and adults alike to sleep.  Each piece has a purpose to invoke  the sleeping or dreaming process.

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Moonrise Lullaby

Product Description

Stardust - This is where rest begins when we are showered with Stardust and release the cares and worries of the external world to enter the world of dreams.

Dream Time - This is when we have arrived at the door to our internal world where we can create landscapes of possible futures built by our imagination. Here, what we wish for and what soothes us is all around and allows the body to rest.

Rowan Moss - The happy expectation and arrival of a healthy son.

Midday Slumber - Time in the afternoon for peace and quiet rest.

Fair Jackson - The miraculous reward of a son for a mother's journey, bringing fulfillment of a life long desire.

Moonrise Lullaby - Night falls, the Moon rises, the rhythms of the world grow quiet and we drift into sleep and dreaming.

Ellianna Rose - For my first great-niece. Firstborn, first of her generation, only 30 weeks in the womb ... risky and dangerous birth. Courageous young mother receives her daughter, bringer of hope and love. A true gift.

Sleeping With Angels - Knowing that all babies sleep with the Angels, even those we have lost. A silent grief and memory that women have carried in their hearts since the beginning of time...

Thea's Smile - The smile of joy and love.

Under Starlight - Blessed by the stars and sleeping safe under the blanket of stars in night.

Julia's Song - Motherhood realized even though later in life. The birth of a healthy daughter. Sweet joy and gratitude.

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