Everyone in Green Wood loved Flint the Dragon, and Mouse was very proud of the way her adopted son was growing up.

The Black Dragon

A leftover spell leads to terrible consequences.

An unexpected journey to a strange land demands courage.

Two enemies must work together or all will be lost.



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When Mouse sends Flint on a simple errand, he unknowingly embarks on a journey of discovery.

Unexpected adventure creates a distance between Flint, the safety of Green Wood and his animal friends.

As he explores new territory, Flint encounters new friends – and makes new enemies.

Here, Flint, the Dragon must choose the right action to take despite his lack of confidence and a deep sense of foreboding.

Can Flint be brave in the face of danger? Will he be strong enough to stand his ground when he needs to? Or will he lose his nerve at the exact moment he needs it most?

Join Flint as he journeys to distant lands, where mystery and magic are part of every day – and strange happenings create circumstances that even the bravest of dragons would fear.

The Black Dragon is the second novel in the Middle-Grade fantasy series that is full of potential and promise, action and adventure, strange characters and even stranger places far away from Flint’s home and those he loves most.