When I was a seed
I was only potential
Contained within a shell

Then the Earth enfolded me
And I strained myself
To put down roots

This was a painful

After awhile
I had the urge to reach upwards
And find the Light

This was painful

Because water had moistened
The Earth around me
I was given the opportunity to grow

Then to my surprise
I broke through the stony ground
And for the first time
I saw the Sun’s light

I was rather insignificant at first
Nothing more
Than a spindly strand of yellow-green
But deep inside I knew what I could be

I decided to ensure my survival
And pushed my roots
Deeper into the ground

I began to explore the moist richness
Of the fertile soil
It gave me fortitude

Yet this too
Was painful

I could sense the elements
As they danced upon me
The gentle tears of rain
The wind that blew me every way
And the rays from the Sun
As they blessed me from afar

I wanted to grow so tall
I would touch the Canopy of Heaven
So I stretched some more
And grew new leaves
To catch the Sun’s warmth
And the morning dew

I became so full of joy
I felt I would burst
But I held it tightly inside
Biding my time

And when the day came
I knew it

Every part of my Being
Was rend asunder
And I bloomed

Exploding into the colours
And full fragrance
Of Life

Poem by Patricia Sereno from Beyond Chrysalis, Blue Iris Press 1998

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